EURIMAC S.A. is the joint venture company between the EURICOM GROUP an Italian-based multinational rice, flour and pasta corporation and MACVEL S.A., a Greek pasta company well known in Europe since 1939. EURIMAC was founded in May 1996 in the industrial area of Kilkis, Greece and produces dried pasta made of 100% durum wheat semolina. The company employs a highly talented and experienced workforce and specializes in the production of long cut and short cut pasta. Moreover, the company targets the private label sector but it also produces pasta under its own brands.

The two strategic partners EURICOM GROUP and MACVEL have invested over 35million Euros for the construction of state-of-the-art facilities, including a pasta factory, a logistics center, a semolina-processing mill and silos that meet the highest standards of quality and food safety such as the implementation of all officially certified quality and food safety management systems and the continuous testing on genetically modified organisms in the raw materials (GMO free certification). To finish, the company is totally vertically integrated, capable of producing up to 72,000 tons of pasta per year. The total vertical integration guarantees semolina of standard and high quality and the production of other competitive wheat by-products (bran).